How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Office chairs come with rolling bases that allow for flexible movement during the workday. However, these bases can accumulate grime over time or become damaged with heavy use. Knowing how to detach the base properly allows for thorough cleaning or replacement when needed. This complete guide will draw on multiple sources to walk step-by-step through how to remove the base from an office chair in various ways including screws, clips, locking rings, and more. We’ll also cover tips to make the process safer and easier regardless of chair model. Let’s get started!

How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Key Takeaways:

  • Use proper tools to detach base connectors
  • Lift the base vertically after all fasteners removed
  • Alternative methods involve mallets or lubricants
  • Inspect and replace damaged parts

4 Simple Step-By-Step Guide for How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Here are 4 simple step-by-step how to remove the base from an office chair:

Gather Tools & Materials

Before removing the chair base, gather:

  • Screwdrivers – flathead and Phillips
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Rubber mallet or hammer
  • WD40 lubricant spray
  • Blanket or drop cloth
  • Safety gear like goggles & gloves

Safety First

Pad the floor with a blanket to prevent scratches. Clear ample workspace around the chair. Move slowly and gently to avoid injury or damaging chair components. Review the manufacturer’s instructions for warnings.

Step 1: Flip the Chair Upside Down

Carefully flip the chair to access the base. Place the seat on blanket padding. Avoid bending adjustable armrests backward.

Avoid Bending Adjustable Armrests Backward

Step 2: Locate Attachment Points

Look for screws, bolts, locking rings, clips, or other fasteners. You may need to detach armrests or panels first to access them.

Step 3: Loosen Connections

Use proper tools to detach screws, rings, clips, or other connectors. Apply lubricant if stuck, let penetrate for 5-10 minutes.

Step 4: Lift the Base Vertically

With all fasteners detached, slowly lift the base straight upwards. Gently twist side-to-side if resistant.

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2 Alternative Removal Methods for How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Here are 4 alternative methods for removing the base from an office chair.

Method 1: Mallet

  • Locate the cylinder clip near the bottom of the gas cylinder.
  • Use pliers to remove the clip.
  • Tap the base with a rubber mallet to break the bond.
  • Twist the base while lifting.

Method 2: WD-40 & Hammer

  • Spray WD-40 liberally around the cylinder base.
  • Allow penetrating for 5 minutes.
  • Tap the base with a hammer to jar loose.
  • Twist the base while lifting.
Twist the Base While Lifting

Inspect and Replace

Inspect all parts for damage before reattaching. Replace worn parts for optimal function and lifespan. Get help from experts at stores like Crate and Barrel or online forums if needed.

Reattaching Bases

Reverse the removal steps to resecure the base. Double check screws and clips are tightly fastened. Sit in a chair and test for stability before resuming use.

3 Alternative Base Comfort Tips for How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Consider these upgrades for enhanced comfort:

  • Fix squeaks using lubricant.
  • Add extra padding to the seat cushion.
  • Remove wheels to convert to the stationary chair when needed.
Add Extra Padding to the Seat Cushion

FAQs About How to Remove the Base From an Office Chair

Can You Disassemble an Office Chair?

To disassemble an office chair, start by gathering the necessary tools such as screwdrivers and pliers. Remove the seat and back by unscrewing the fasteners, detach the armrests, unscrew the base, and separate the wheels. Keep track of the small parts and store them in a container as you work through the disassembly process. Be sure to consult any available manufacturer’s instructions or diagrams for specific guidance on your chair model.

Are Office Chairs Detachable?

Yes, many office chairs are designed to be detachable for various purposes such as transportation, storage, repair, or replacement of parts. The detachability allows for easier disassembly and reassembly when needed.

Can You Replace an Office Chair Base?

Yes, you can replace an office chair base. Start by assessing the issue with the base, determine if new parts are required, and then proceed to install the new base, ensuring it is securely attached to the seat. By following these steps, you can effectively replace the base and restore the functionality of your office chair.


With the right tools and care, removing your office chair’s rolling base can be simple to do yourself regardless of model. This complete walkthrough uses multi-sourced guidance to cover varied attachment types for success. Test out the additional comfort tips afterward so your chair feels brand new!

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