How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

Adjusting the height of your office chair is important for proper ergonomics and comfort. But what if your chair doesn’t have a height adjustment lever? Don’t worry, there are still several methods you can try to change the height. In this blog post, we will discuss different methods/techniques for how to adjust office chair height without lever.

How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

What is a Leverless Office Chair and How Does It Work?

A leverless office chair is a type of chair that does not have a lever on the back. Instead, the chair relies on the user’s weight to move it. This type of chair is popular because it is easier to move around and is more comfortable than traditional chairs. These chairs are also more ergonomic than other types of chairs. There are many different types of leverless office chairs. One, for example, is the Keurig K-Cup.

8 Proven Methods for How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

There are many ways to adjust an office chair. The best way to adjust office chair height is to use a lever. But sometimes that isn’t possible. We’ll show you how to adjust chair height without using a lever in those cases. Follow the instructions below to ensure successful adjustment.

Method 1: Adjusting a Computer Monitor’s Height

To adjust the height of your computer monitor, first locate the adjustment knob on the back of the monitor. Once you have found the knob, turn it to the left or the right to raise or lower the monitor to your desired height.

Method 2: Locate Hidden Controls

Many chairs have adjustment controls that are not immediately visible. Carefully inspect under the seat, behind the backrest, and along the sides to see if there are any levers, knobs, or buttons hiding. These could control the chair’s height adjustment mechanism. Refer to your chair’s manual to identify any concealed controls.

Improper Cushioning Can Cause Back Pain

Method 3: Adjusting the Height of a Working Desk

To adjust the height of your working desk, first identify which type of desk you have. If you have a manual desk, locate the hand crank on the side of the desk and turn it until the desk is at your desired height. If you have an electronic desk, find the control panel, usually located on the underside of the desk’s desktop, and use the up and down arrows to adjust the desk to your desired height.

Method 4: Shift Your Weight

If your office chair has a pneumatic gas lift cylinder for height adjustments, try shifting your weight while seated. Lean forward towards your knees or backwards against the backrest to see if it changes the cylinder’s height. You may need to repeat leaning several times for the chair to fully raise or lower.

Method 5: Adjusting the Chairs’ Wheels

Adjusting the chair so that the wheels are properly aligned is an important part of maintaining the chair. When the wheels are not properly aligned, you may experience excessive back pain. To properly align the wheels, you must perform the following steps. First, you will need to locate the wheels.

Wheels Are Not Properly Aligned

Most office chairs will have two wheels on the front and one wheel on the back. Then you will need to align the two wheels to face the same direction. Once done, you will need to flip the chair upside down. This will allow you to see how the wheels are attached to the bottom of the chair. You will need to remove the screws from the back of the chair and then re-screw the wheel to the correct position. Finally, your chair should be set at the desired height, and you should be able to adjust the wheels without any issues.

Method 6: Adjusting the Legs

Adjusting the legs of an office chair can be a bit of a daunting task, but there are seven simple steps that can be followed to ensure that the chair is adjusted to your needs.

Tools you need:

  • A weighted object
  • Pneumatic adjustment
  • A long screwdriver and
  • A box of wrenches
  1. First, Get a chair mat for under the front and back of the chair.
  2. Find a similar object to use as a weight. A book or phone can be used as well.
  3. Sit in the chair and place your feet where they usually fall, then push your knees outwards to be parallel to the ground. If you can’t do this, please wait until you can before you adjust your seat height.
  4. Push down on the backrest with your hands, raising the front of the seat when done correctly.
  5. Find something heavy enough to put on top of both rear legs so that it’s not touching anything else, then remove one leg from underneath it. Hold onto that leg with one hand and remove it from under its respective chair leg with your other hand. Doing this will lower one side of your seat. Repeat for the other side of the seat.
  6. Adjust the height of the chair using your feet. Remember, if you can’t adjust your seat height from this point, please wait until you can before you adjust.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for all the other office chairs.
Under Its Respective Chair Leg

Method 8: Rotate the Chair

Some older office chair models without levers have a rotating seat mechanism to adjust height. While seated, grasp the sides of the seat and rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise. The subtle changes in angle can cause the chair to extend higher or retract lower.

Method 8: Adjusting the Arm Height

Adjusting the Arm Height of an office chair can be done in a couple of ways, depending on the type of chair you have. If the arm height is too low, you can raise it using the accompanying screws. If it’s too high, you can adjust the screw’s position. Make sure that the chair is positioned in an upright position before adjusting the arm height. The arm height should be adjusted so that the shoulder rest is positioned at the shoulder’s height, ensuring proper circulation and reducing fatigue.

Method 9: Use Chair Risers

One DIY approach is to place fixed risers underneath the chair’s wheels or feet. Objects like wooden blocks, thick books, platforms, etc. can boost overall chair height when stacked. Start with smaller items and gradually add to them until you reach the height you need.

Method 7: Adjusting the Back Support

To adjust the back support, locate the knob or lever at the side of the chair. For chairs with a knob, turn the knob to the right to increase support and to the left to decrease support. For chairs with a lever, push the lever up to increase support and pull the lever down to decrease support if the chair does not have a lever.

Pull the Lever Down

Method 8: Adjusting the Seat Height

This can be done by turning the screws that hold the seat in place. They are located on the bottom of the seat. Make sure to use the appropriate screwdriver for the job.

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Consider 3 Other Modifications for How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

If the above methods don’t work, you may need to modify parts of the chair for height adjustments:

  • Drill extra holes into the metal base for more customizable positions.
  • Replace the gas lift cylinder with a longer size to increase the minimum height.
  • Attach wood blocks or metal plates to the bottom permanently.

Be very careful when doing any chair modifications yourself and consult a professional if needed.

How Can an Improper Office Chair Height Lead to Health Problems?

Improperly adjusting your office chair height can lead to a number of health problems. Inadequate spinal alignment and improper cushioning can cause back pain. Not sitting in a healthy chair for too long can also lead to obesity, heart disease, and other health problems. Also, neck pain, back pain, and even headaches. When your chair is not adjusted to your height, your spine is not in the correct position. This can cause your neck and back to tense up, leading to pain. It is important to take the time to adjust your chair to ensure you are sitting in a comfortable position that will prevent the development of these diseases.

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3 Tips/Suggestions for How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

  • Before adjusting the height, you should first unlock the tilt rock lock on your chair. This will prevent your office chair from rocking backward. To lock the seat pan in a fixed position, you should first move the seat pan tilt knob back to its initial position.
  • Secondly, you should adjust the seat height to ensure that you have enough room to comfortably stretch your arms and rest your feet on the floor. Typically, this is done by turning a lever on the right side of the chair. This lever will raise or lower your chair a couple of inches and will help you get a perfect position.
  • Lastly, you should also consider your desk height when you adjust the chair. Most office chairs have controls that allow you to adjust the backrest height. This will prevent you from sinking too low and pushing your body too far to the edge of your seat.

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How Often Should You Adjust Your Office Chair Height?

It depends on your height. If you are a shorter person, you should check your chair height every few days. If you are taller, you should check your chair height once a week. If you work at a computer all day, you should probably adjust your chair height more frequently than someone who works in an office. Additionally, if you work in an office with many people, you should probably adjust your chair height more often because there is a greater chance that someone might be sitting in the same seat you are in. The height of your office chair should be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are at a 90-degree angle.

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Can You Use a Leverless Office Chair for Gaming or Other Activities?

A leverless office chair can be a great option for gaming or other activities, as it can provide a comfortable and supportive experience. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using a leverless office chair for gaming or other activities. For example, if you need to get up frequently during a session, you might want to choose a chair that has a higher seat. A leverless office chair might also not be the best option for someone with a lot of weight. For more information on choosing the right office chair, gaming, or other activities.

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Choose a Chair That Has a Higher Seat

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Adjust Office Chair Height Without Lever

Why Can’t I Raise My Office Chair?

The reason you can’t raise your office chair is probably that the gas lift is broken. The gas lift allows you to adjust the chair’s height. If the gas lift is broken, you will need to replace it. You can usually find replacement gas lifts at a hardware store or online.

What is the Knob Under My Office Chair?

An office chair with a knob is called a “push-button chair” because you have to push a button under the chair to adjust the height. The chair’s height is adjusted by turning a knob (probably because it’s easier to turn by hand than by pushing a button) that connects to a threaded rod that raises and lowers the chair.

What to Do if Office Chair is Too High?

If your office chair is too high, first check for a lever or button underneath the seat to lower it. If the chair has this feature, you can easily adjust the height. If not, consider using a footrest to support your feet, and consult the user manual or seek professional help if needed. It’s important to ensure that your chair provides proper support and promotes good posture to avoid discomfort or strain.

Why Can’t I Lower My Office Chair?

If you can’t lower your office chair, it might be due to a mechanical issue with the height adjustment mechanism, a design limitation if the chair lacks adjustable features, or user error in following the correct procedure. If troubleshooting doesn’t work, consider seeking professional assistance to address the issue.


If you’ve tried all of these methods and your chair is still not at the right height, a lever on the base of the chair may allow you to adjust the height. You can also ask someone else with more experience with office chairs for help adjusting their own chairs. Commit to finding the best office chair height for you and your needs – it will make your day so much better!

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