How to Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels

Your office chair is the most important piece of furniture in your workspace. Without it, you would be sitting on the floor for the rest of the day. Office chairs come with wheels, and those wheels sometimes have hair on them. It’s pretty common, and it can be embarrassing when you’re in a meeting or a client meeting. It’s also a problem that’s really easy to solve. Here’s how to remove hair from office chair wheels.

How to Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels

Why hair is on office chair wheels?

Hair can get everywhere, and that includes your office chair wheels. A statistic shows that every day people lose up to 100 hairs; it’s quite normal to have hair fall problems. Whether your chair is at home or at work, it can quickly become covered in hair, lint, and dust. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also make your chair harder to move around. Hair can build up on your wheels and make it difficult to move your chair. You may also find that your chair starts to make a noise when you roll it. To clean your chair’s wheels and keep them functioning properly, you’ll need to remove the hair periodically. This is a simple process that can be done in just a few minutes. If you have hair on your office chair wheels, there are a few things you can do to remove it.

7 Easy Steps to Remove Hair From Office Chair Wheels

Hair on office chair wheels is unsightly and can be difficult to remove. It is inevitable that hair will end up on your office chair wheels. Whether it is your own hair or your pet’s hair, it seems to find its way there. And once it is there, it is very difficult to remove. The hair can get tangled in the wheels and cause the chair to roll unevenly. It can also be a safety hazard if it gets wrapped around the wheel. There are a few different ways to remove hair from office chair wheels. The best way will depend on the type of chair and the amount of hair. 

Hair Can Get Tangled in the Wheels

Tools Needed:

  1. Bottle of alcohol
  2. Razor blade
  3. New wheels

Step 1: Remove the Dust Cover

First of all, for removing the hair you will need to remove the dust cover of the office chair. This will make it easier to access the wheel. If the dust cover is not removable try soaking the wheel in alcohol.

Step 2: Remove the Wheels

After removing the dust cover, remove the wheels. For most chairs, wheels can be removed by unscrewing. This will require some effort as the wheel will be stuck in the chair. After removing the wheels from the office chair; you can move to the next steps.

Step 3: Rub Alcohol on the Wheel

Get a bottle of alcohol and pour it over the wheel. Rub the alcohol onto the wheel and then wipe it off with a cloth. You will notice the hair will start to come off. Do this for all the wheels and then put them in a plastic bag. Make sure to use hand gloves to avoid the alcohol from burning your skin.

Use Hand Gloves

Step 4: Put Alcohol on the Wheels

If you still have some hair left on the wheels. Put some more alcohol on the plastic brush and then use it to clean the hair off the wheels. Make sure to use a dry cloth to avoid the alcohol from staining the wheels.

Step 5: Safely Use a Razor Blade(Optional)

You can use safely use a razor blade to remove the hair from the wheels. However, you should be careful because sharp blades can hurt you. Make sure to use safety goggles to protect your hands from the blade.

Step 6: Removing the Hair

Remove the remaining hair by rubbing the wheels. The best way to remove the hair is by rubbing the wheel with a cloth.

Remove the Remaining Hair by Rubbing the Wheels

Step 7: Replace the Wheels With New Ones

If you are still having trouble removing the hair from the wheels. You can use a new pair of wheels. You can replace the wheels by removing the old ones and then putting the new ones on the chair. Always remember to you will need to unscrew first before replacing the wheels with new ones.

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Tips or Suggestions for Removing Hair From Office Chair Wheels:

  1. Don’t try to use brushes or combs to remove hair. They can damage the wheels.
  2. Don’t try to remove the hair from the top of the wheel.
  3. If you don’t have alcohol you can use apply an anti-hair spray or wax. These products work by coating the surface of the wheel with a thin layer of liquid. Once applied, the product dries quickly and prevents hair from sticking to the wheel.
  4. Another option is to use a toothbrush to scrub the wheel. Just make sure to clean the brush after each use.

Maintain Office Chair Wheels Hair-Free

Cleaning Twin Wheel Casters

Keeping the casters clean is very important for office chairs. If they are dirty, the chair will be hard to move. You can easily clean the casters by following the simple steps mentioned below. First, flip your office chair over so that you can access the wheels. Wipe away all visible dirt and hair. Then, rinse under cold water.

Wipe Away All Visible Dirt and Hair

Alternatively, you can purchase a flame torch to burn off the hair. This method requires the disassembly of the office chair, but the cost is low when you buy it in bulk. Another way to remove the hair is to use a regular screwdriver wedged between the wheel and chair base. When using this method, be sure to keep the flame short so that you do not damage the plastic. Make sure that you wear protective gloves to protect yourself while using this method.

Cleaning Detachable Wheels

There are several methods for cleaning detachable office chair wheels to remove accumulated hair. One effective method is applying heat to the wheels. You can use a lighter or a heat gun. The heat should be applied for 45 seconds per inch of hair thickness. You can also use cotton swabs or tweezers to remove tangled hairs. Using a spray lubricant to the wheels is another effective way of cleaning them. This will prevent friction and help them roll smoothly. Once you have done the spraying, make sure to check for lubrication before you put the chair back on the carpet. Repeat the process several times throughout the day to ensure smooth wheels.

Cleaning Casters With Rollerblade Casters

If you find that your rollerblade casters have hair, there are a few ways to remove it. One of the most effective methods is to use a flame torch, which burns hair away without damaging the wheels. It’s important to use a flame torch of medium size, and use short bursts to prevent damage to the wheels. To remove larger hairs from the casters, use tweezers. If they’re still stuck, use a bottle opener to pry out the brittle parts of the hair.

Use a Flame Torch

Another option is to use WD-40. It works by driving out moisture and rust, and it also acts as a corrosion inhibitor. It will also loosen the stuck mechanisms and help you free them. However, this method won’t work if the casters are permanently stuck. To remove the hairs, you need to take your time and avoid rushing through the process.

How to Remove Detachable Wheels From Office Chairs

There are several ways to remove hair from detachable wheels of office chairs. However, some methods require disassembling the wheels and other accessories. This is time-consuming and tedious but is also therapeutic and fun. The best method is to clamp two legs of the chair and place it upside down on a stable desk. Another method involves applying heat to the hair that is on the wheels. You can use a heat gun or a lighter to apply heat to the hair on the wheel. This method can take up to 45 seconds if the hair is thick. However, you should be careful because the heat from a heat gun can damage plastic parts on the wheels.

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Applying Heat to the Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use WD40 on Caster Wheels?

No, WD40 can damage the plastic parts on the wheels. Detachable wheels on office chairs are susceptible to hair accumulation. If the wheel is stuck, you can use a variety of methods to free it. However, some methods, such as using WD-40, can damage the wheel. If you’re concerned about damaging the wheel, try to use a gentle method first.

Can You Clean Office Chair Wheels?

The short answer is yes, but the long answer is that it depends on the type of wheels your chair has. If your chair has detachable wheels, then you can easily remove them and clean them. However, if your chair has non-detachable wheels, then you will need to disassemble the chair in order to clean the wheels.

What is General Purpose Grease?

In order to remove stubborn hair from detachable wheels on office chairs, you can use a variety of lubricants. Some popular lubricants include WD-40, car wax, and general-purpose grease. However, it is important to choose the right lubricant for the task at hand. For example, WD-40 is effective for loosening stuck mechanisms, but it can also damage the wheel.


After following the steps in this article, you should have successfully removed stubborn hair from your detachable office chair wheels. If you have additional questions about this topic you can contact us or comment down below.

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